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El Pronostico del Tiempo

Last Updated: Sep-02-2010

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Developed By

  Natalie Kolaski

Lesson Title

  El Pronostico del Tiempo

Length of Lesson

  5-7 days

Lesson Unit

  Weather and Seasons




  Foreign Language



Michigan Content Expectations



  PronĂ³stico del Tiempo




poster board,markers,video camera,videocassette,flash drive or rewritable disc,internet access

Spanish English Dictionar, note pad, web log, pens, pencils





Students write a television script and create maps for a weather forecast for four locations in the Western Hemisphere. They then videotape their forecast for the class to view.


Big Idea(s)


Students will be able to demonstrate their proficiency not only in the current vocabulary unit of study in the target language. Students will also be able to present their knowledge of climate and regions in area that they have chosen to do their eather forecast on.


Essential Questions


What areas are you interested in giving a weather forecast on? WHy?

What is the season?

What is typical weather or climate for that region this time of year?

Did you want to cover any news breaking bullentins?

How do you plan to present? Powerpoint- Live with Regular Map or Created Map?



Learning Objectives


Students will demonstrate their proficiency of the weather unit in all five skills areas of the target language, listening, reading writing speaking and culture.  

Students will present this knowledge in a familiar format - giving a weather forecast.


Summative Assessment


Students will maintain a research- daily web log of information they have gathered to support evidence of their planning.

Students will create visuals appropriate for their weather forecast - via powerpoint or poster board or use of real map with props.

Students will videotape and present their presentation to the class for self/peer assessment - using their performance rubrics and speaking proficiency rubrics.


The forecast can be on a region of their personal preference and can be varied as follows...

1) Four areas/regions - give a forecast on each area

2) One region - over four days

3) One region throught out the day

 Presentation variations:

1) Live forecast in front of cast - include their created visual aids

2) Present throught Powerpoint

3) Combination of Powerpoint and live

4) Moviemaker

5) Combo - part moviemaker- part live

Note: all live presentations are videotaped for assesment process







Resource(s) available for this section

Lesson Opening


Ask them how the weather is today? How do you like the weather today? What weather do you prefer?

Students wll watch a weather forecast in the target language.Completed by older students


Students will get to see what other classmates have completed as well.


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Students will break into groups and interview each other's preferences of project type, area for forecast, season.

Students will report back to class the data and groups will be put together to analyze this data.

Students will decide if they want to add any new breaking bullentins


Check for Understanding




First I will explain that they will do a weather forecast in like they have just seen/viewed.  I will ask them to do/answer the following:

what or how they would like to do presentations - and record them on class screen

tell me what they understand will be included in the project - again i will post this as they speak on screen.

fill out a 3X5 of how, where, vocabulary unit and with whom they would like to work with


interview each to partner up in groups but I will still ask for 3X5 for an understanding of what they need to accmplish on project


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Use of weather unit vocabulary





1. Review instructions so students know what’s expected of them. Hand out the “Preliminary Unit Project Instructions and Rubric” Then exchange scripts with a partner for peer editing. Students

make corrections based on their partner’s comments.

2. Students write a rough draft of their weather forecast., explain how they can use symobls to indicate the weather in each city they plan to talk about and the temperature there.

3. Students create one or more maps for their forecast on poster After completing their map(s), students add drawings or students feedback about the content, accuracy, and presentation of the forecast. Students can decide to add drawings or  props, include new breaking bulletins,etc.

4.Students rehearse their forecast with a partner. Partners give feedback and suggestions to each on how they did or how they can improve they project piece. 


5. Students videotape their weather forecast. Show videotapes to class or present forecast to class.





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Check for Understanding (2)


Fisrt students will write out scripts

  1. self-edit
  2. peer edit
  3. turn in for professor edit
  4. rewrite - refine or polish scripts

Students working on research:

  1. record all sites on web logs
  2. record what was useful from site
  3. record site information used in presentation

Practice -rehearsal

  1. students will use rubris for peer editing - performance, visuals, speaking proficiency
  2. professor will edit a "dress-reheasral" or final practice before final assessment




Extended Practice


Would you like to travel to this area? Why?

Who would you go with? When would you go?

Webquest- have students create a trip or plan a trip to this region




Students present their final presentations live or via videotape or moviemaker.