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Mi familia

Last Updated: Sep-03-2010

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Developed By

  Natalie Kolaski

Lesson Title

  Mi familia

Length of Lesson

  5-7 days




  Foreign Language

Michigan Content Expectations



  Familia- family Album





Graphic organizer of - what info is necessary

Web log - research  then record sites  and identify what info you loked up there or can find there

Flash drive/writable sorage device

Computer with internet access, Powerpoint, Word

Digital/flip camera, photos or drawings of portraits

Construction paper/ poter board, markers




Each student will present their family. They will provide a portait and a small description of 3-4 family members. They can introduce more if they would like to - depends on size of family. Note pet are family members too. 



Big Idea(s)


Students get an opportunity to not only learn the family vocabulary unit but apply it and use to share information about their families.


Essential Questions



Who is in your family?

How old are they?

What do they look like?

What do you like to do/ hobbies?

Did you want to include something special abput them?


Learning Objectives


- Demonstrate profiency in the family vocabulary

- Demostrate that they can expalain who is in their family and give a brief description of them in the target language


Summative Assessment


The students will present their family album to the class.  They must include audio or speak to show their conversational skills in the current lesson.


The students may present in following formats- Movie Makers, Powerpoints, Live with Poster of large Photos. Combo speak while presenting Powerpoint.

Project options:

Family can be real or fiction. Cartoon/animated familys are permitted. Famous family they write themselves into are permitted.


Lesson Opening


I will introduce myself and my family by showing a picture of each person and give a brief oral presentation about the members of my family.  Next I will share former projects completed by their peers recently.

Resource(s) available for this section



I will ask them about famous families

I will ask them how their future plans for family

I will ask them about famlies they see on TV


Check for Understanding


After the presentations I will quiz them first verbally and then use and written quiz.

Resource(s) available for this section



I wll review all vocabulary and grammar necessary to explain family members etc.

Review SER + adjective use

Review Family vocabulary

Review pastimes and hobbies vocabulary


Resource(s) available for this section

Check for Understanding (2)


Review quizzes and retest


Extended Practice


Strudents will continue to maintain this work and add on to it with the next unit of study, which is to speak about food and mealtimes. They will relate meals with family , include new vocabulary and revisit former vocabulary




Students will share projects, make comments and critic each other work using peer rubric and finally we will have a vocabulary quiz on famuily vocabulary