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El MenĂº

Last Updated: Sep-03-2010

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Developed By

  Natalie Kolaski

Lesson Title

  El MenĂº

Length of Lesson

  5-7 days

Lesson Unit

  La Comida- Food Unit




  Foreign Language

Grade 2


Michigan Content Expectations

  1.1 1.2 1.3 4.2, 2,1 3.1


  Comida Menu - Food





web log/ notebook

poster board/construction paper

crayons/ marers/colored pencils

computer with intenrnet access

Microsoft WOrks 2003 or 2007

Spanish English Dictionary





The following lessonintruces the food unit by intrducing the food vocabulary in the form of a Menu. Students will learn the vocabulary and become proficient in its use by creating their own Sapnish Menu


Big Idea(s)


All students have been exposed to menu in the native language. Most students like to talk about what foods they like to eat or not eat when we discuss this unit of Food Vocabulary, so I decided to incorpate this need to express themselves into a lesson.


Essential Questions


What kind of restaurant is this?

What kinds of foods are availbe?

What are the prices ?

How can you order this food? - live, phone, online etc.

What is the name of your resturant?

What kinds of people do you expect to serve?

Where is this restaurant located?



Learning Objectives


Students will become very proficient in their use of food vocabulary

They will be able to order foods in a restaurant in Spanish

they will be able to explain what foods they like or dislike in Spanish


Summative Assessment


1) Students will create their Menu in Spanish and present to classmates

2) Students will use this project in another project- restaurant skit

3) Students will take a clicker test on vocab



Resource(s) available for this section

Lesson Opening


Students will be given a Menu in Spanish and Guess what food are - sections etc.

They will then look at their resource list- food vocabulary on worksheet and in textbook on pg 90

Students will taught what words mean and how to say them

Students will be asked what foods they like and then answer?

Resource(s) available for this section



Students will share restaurant experiences

Have they ever been to authentic restaurant or eaten aboard?

Students will be ask if they could create their own menu - what kinds of foods wouldthey like to include?

What would you name this restaurant and Why?

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Check for Understanding


Students will first review vocabulary with the audio unit in Chapter 5B

Students will review food vocabulary Presenation Express Module and use clickers to respond to this vocabulary review- ungraded assessment


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Students will be given the Project requirements and rubric for creating their Menu


Check for Understanding (2)


Class will review Project Requirements and use of the daily web logs

Class review of rubric and exit questions on rubric prior to entering the computer lab

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Extended Practice


Students will be given a handful of authentic menu collected by the teacher and a student collection of men projects.

Students can uses these menu to spark their own creativity prior to starting their own project




Students will share their menu with class and then the menus will be stored until they are used for their next project "Restaurant Skit"