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Alien Invasion- Invasive Species Project

Last Updated: Jun-22-2010

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Developed By

  Laura Troy
Mike Nuttal
Eric Creps

Lesson Title

  Alien Invasion- Invasive Species Project

Length of Lesson

  Seven class periods: Five days of research and making project. Two days of student presentations of

Lesson Unit








Michigan Content Expectations

  B3.5C Predict the consequences of an invading organism on the survival of other organisms.


  Invasive species, alien species, native species, vector, human impact



Computer lab with internet access

Instructions for project with rubric

Powerpoint introduction with guided notes

Recommended websites for student research

Projector with speakers

Help guides for making Powerpoint Presentations, Photo Story 3, Muvee Maker

Flash Drive to save student projects





This is a lesson which students will develop a project highlighting the effects invasive species have on the ecosystem. After this project students will be able to predict the consequences of invading organsims on the survival of other organisms. 


Big Idea(s)


Populations relate to each other within their ecosystem.


Essential Questions


Why is the introduction of non-native species to an environment a potential problem?

Are all invasive species a problem for the ecosystem which they were introduced?  What could be benefits?

What is being done to control invasive species?

How are non-native species introduced to a new environment?

What is the impact of invasive species on the economy?


Learning Objectives

  • explore an introduced specie and the problems it causes
  • examine the various environmental reasons why introduced species can cause problems
  •  find out about problems with introduced species in their own communiities
  • discuss the possible solutions to problems of introduced species and the reasons why they are often difficult to implement
  • educate their fellow students about the ecological problems with introduced species

Summative Assessment


Make a visual presentation of an Invasive Species of your choice. The presentation must include; how the species was introduced, the impact on the ecosystem, any benefits, economical impact, possible solutions.

Resource(s) available for this section

Lesson Opening


Show pictures of invasive organisms the students may have seen in there local community and ask, "What do these organisms have in common?"

Resource(s) available for this section

Lesson Opening Co-teaching Plan


Both teachers help with introduction, pose questions and offer suggestions.




Provide helpful internet sites.

Provide guidelines for using Power Point, Photo Story and Muvee Maker.

Provide a story board.

Provide rubric.

Both teachers monitor student activities and make clarifications as n eeded.

Provide examples of finished project.

Written and oral directions.


Exploration Co-teaching Plan


As one teacher introduces the lesson the other teacher makes a class list of vocabulary which is introduced, discussing the new vocabulary through the lesson. Both teachers will pose questions and highlight key ideas.


Check for Understanding


Use clickers to check for understanding. Use classroom response to plan instruction.


Check for Understanding Co-teaching Plan


Both teachers help with assessment.




Power Point  Presentation with Guided Notes.

Resource(s) available for this section

Explanation Co-teaching Plan


One teach and one assist. One teacher provides the presentation while other teacher asks questions for clarification if the students look like there is a need for clarification or slowing of pace.


Check for Understanding (2)


Clicker check for understanding. Re-teach concepts as needed.


Check for Understanding Co-teaching Plan (2)


Re-teaching in small group of key concepts going at a slower pace while emphasizing the big idea.


Extended Practice


The students will choose an invasive species to research and make a visual report. The students will be able to choose the method in which to present their topic.

  • Power Point
  • Photo Story 3
  • Movie Maker

Resource(s) available for this section



Students will educate each other regarding Invasive Species by showing their finished project.


Closing Co-teach Plan


Both teachers will highlight key concepts and relate them to the students' projects.