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A Picture of You

Last Updated: May-02-2010

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Developed By

  Kelly Coval and Denise Kreft

Lesson Title

  A Picture of You

Length of Lesson

  4-5 days

Lesson Unit

  Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray






  Literature and Culture

Michigan Content Expectations

  CE 1.1.1, CE 1.1.2, CE1.1.3, CE 1.1.4 CE 1.1.5 CE 1.1.6 , CE 1.1.7, CE1.1.8 CE 1.2.1, CE 1.2.2, CE 1.2.3, CE 1.3.1, CE 1.3.2, CE 1.3.3, CE 1.3.5, CE 1.3.6, 1.3.9, CE 1.4.2, CE 1.4.5, CE 1.4.7, CE 1.5.1., CE 1.5.2, CE 1.5.3, CE 1.5.4, CE 1.5.5, CE 2.


  Leadership; Purpose; Personal Responsibility; Future; Consequences; Goals; Aspirations; Forethought




Desktop scanner

Internet Access


Camcorder (Flip or otherwise)



Graphic Organizers


Photostory 3 Software









This lesson is inspired, in part, by the Grade 12 Disposition :  Leadership Qualities , found in the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

This unit begins with the reading of The Picture of Dorian Gray and  activities regarding  consequences and personal reponsibility for one's actions, in particular, one's future.



Big Idea(s)


Creating purpose for one's future

Accepting personal responsibility for one's choices and actions

Understanding consequences


Essential Questions


What leadership skills have I developed?

How can I create the world I want to live in ?

How can I use my talents to create that world?

What responsibility do I have to society?

What will my "picture" look like 5, 10 and 20 years from now?



Learning Objectives


Students will be able to create a world that they would like to live in.

Students will apply their talents and leadership skills to their future roles in the world.

Students will create, by way of digital storytelling, a 'picture"  of themselves at various points in their future.


Summative Assessment


Students will:

Create a digital story or "picture" presenting their lives as they like them to be 5, 10 and 20 years into the future.

They will use a story board to map out their projects so that much of the work will be done prior to time in the media center.  They will follow the provided rubric.

The story needs to include 3 slides for each span of times well as 3 pictures, photographs or illustrations representing what/who/where they want to be 5, 10 and 20 years respectively in the future.

They will use voiceovers as well as appropiate pieces music to accompany the pictures and the text. The music will help tell their stories and paint their "pictures."



Lesson Opening


Students will listen to the song "Where Am I Going?" by Gino Vanelli.

Lyrics will be projected on the screen.

I will provide them with a copy of the lyrics then and play the  song again, allowing them to follow along and see the words as they listen to them.

They will look at the following quotes:

"If you don't make things happen, things will happen to you." -William Ernest Henley

"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul."- author unknown

These quotes will be projected on the wall as well as written underneath the song lyrics.

Students will free write their thoughts about how they see their future when they leave high school. How much control do they have over their own destiny? Do they want to go where they want to or are they content to let life take them where it will?  What are the possible benefits of charting their own course in life to the extent that they can? 


Resource(s) available for this section

Lesson Opening Co-teaching Plan


Co-teacher will replay song, read lyrics along with students, discuss quotes and their connection to song, if necessary so students can proceed to their free-write.





Students will view a  6 minute clip of the movie Romie and Michelle.  This scene shows the young ladies discussing what they will say they have accomplished at their ten year high school reunion.

We will ask students to think about what they would like to relay to their peers at their five year reunion.  What have education have they completed so far? What is the status of their personal life? What do they plan on accomplishing by the time the ten year reunion rolls around?



Exploration Co-teaching Plan


Co-teacher will show the clip again, if necessary and work with students in small groups.


Check for Understanding


Students will create a timeline with the beginning in June (graduation) proceeding through 2015. They can put the large milesones they hope to/plan on accomplishing.

Teachers will walk around the classroom facilitating and keeping students on task.

Teacher will ask students to verbally offer some highlights of his/her  next five years OR teacher will request a Think-Pair-Share.  Which option depends on the  class.


Resources available for this section


Check for Understanding Co-teaching Plan


Co-teacher may help students get started with timeline and/or give examples of what might go in the timeline.




Learning Strategies and Content Summaries Included in Lesson.


Explanation Co-teaching Plan


Co-teacher will off any additional explanation and/or support either individually or in small groups, as needed


Extended Practice


Students will have an opportunity to create a VoiceThread (www. voicethread.com) and put their digital stories on the internet for friends and family to see and comment on (literally).  Teachers will encourage students to revisit these "pictures" of themselves intermittently in the future so as to remind themselves what they hope to accomplish. 




After the students' digital stories are completed there will hopefully be a few students who would be willing to share their "stories" with the class.  Teacher will inquire if there are a few students who would be willing to let their finished products be models for the summative assessment next school year.

Teacher will read The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss.


Resources available for this section

Resource(s) available for this section

Closing Co-teach Plan


Co-teacher will offer additional explanation if necessary.